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Team efficiency, especially in Project teams

At the start of many different projects, people from different backgrounds, and representing different interest, need to work together effectively to meet time and budget considerations. It's often like a sailing race: you win or lose even before the start of the real race... Effective team work and open communication is essential in order to avoid friction and misunderstanding ultimately resulting in Project delay and/or cost overruns. Rather than to fly out the team to a team building exercise, I would be periodically visiting site to focus on team dynamics, provide leadership support where needed or serve as an inside-outsider to those that feel they would benefit from occasional coaching.

Ongoing Management Skills Support

Most large companies have their own leadership development programs. Such programs are very helpful but typically provided in modules over a longer period in time. It also seems to be difficult to embed these type of programs in the organization which makes the transfer of learned skills to daily practice more difficult. The experience has been that most up and coming managers say they would benefit from more regular leadership support to increase their effectiveness. I can provide ongoing support to middle managers to increase confidence, skill levels and to support them in their growth in the organization. This can be done through periodic site visits combined with off-shore support when needed.